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Hosted by former foster youth and Foster Leaders’ Founder, Danny Tiblets, XChange Radio Meetings are monthly panel discussions promoting collaboration and information exchange.  Anyone who is in the position to become a resource for current or former foster youth, or has information that can benefit the foster care community, is welcome to participate in these discussions.  Please browse the following options for participation:

Live Panel Discussion
If you are interested in participating in the Live Panel Discussion, please email fosterleadersmovement@gmail.com or comment on the post created for that particular XChange Radio Meeting (see “Event Page Discussion” for details).  Each individual participating in a Live Panel Discussion will be given 5-10 uninterrupted minutes to share their latest efforts to enhance the lives of current or former foster youth, or any other information that can benefit those involved in the foster care system.  Participants will speak in the order in which they called into the meeting.  Once each participant has spoken, the discussion will be opened up for questions between participants and for questions from those who are listening to the Live Panel Discussion.

Event Page Discussion
There is a dedicated blog post created for each XChange Radio Meeting.  Once a new “event page” has been created, Foster Leaders will make an active call for participants for the Event Page Discussion.  As individuals visit one of the XChange Radio Meeting event pages, they will be encouraged to comment on the “post” with news, event updates, best practices, summaries of relevant research, or any other information that can be helpful to those involved in the foster care system.  These comments will be shared and discussed during the next live recording of a Live Panel Discussion.  In an effort to promote collaboration and effective follow-through on plans made during previous XChange Radio Meetings, Foster Leaders supporters are encouraged to participate in Event Page Discussions from past XChange Radio Meetings.

Group Chat Discussion
There is a Facebook Group Chat created for each XChange Radio Meeting.  Participants in the Live Panel Discussion and Event Page Discussion are invited to join the Group Chat Discussion that corresponds with the XChange Radio Meeting in which they are participating.  The goal of each Group Chat Discussion is to create a real-time discussion between participants before, during, and shortly after each XChange Radio Meeting.

Past Meetings

XChange Radio Meeting #8 – 5/7/2017
XChange Radio Meeting #7 – 4/2/2017
XChange Radio Meeting #6 – 3/5/2017

XChange Radio Meeting #5 – 1/29/2017
XChange Radio Meeting #4 – 1/2/2017
XChange Radio Meeting #3 – 12/1/2016
XChange Radio Meeting #2 – 11/3/2016
XChange Radio Meeting #1 – 10/16/2016