Luke 14:21 Outreach

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We are two brothers who spent the initial years of our lives in the home of a single mother and were subsequently separated by foster care and adoption.  Christopher Olsson was adopted by a family in Bangor, Maine, and Danny Tiblets was adopted by a family in Fort Worth, Texas.  Separated by over 2000 miles, we found a way to stay connected throughout our childhood years.

After 28 years apart, we were reunited when Christopher moved back home to Texas, with his wife Jean.  This significant blessing was commemorated with the establishment of Luke 14:21 Outreach, which was an answer to a calling that we both had felt for a significant part of our lives.  With Christopher’s unique blend of extensive Biblical studies and personal experience battling physical and mental disabilities, we have focused the mission of Luke 14:21 Outreach on “going into the streets” to walk with those experiencing physical and mental disabilities, regardless of where they are in their faith journeys.

We want Luke 14:21 Outreach to be a platform for those who find the “Church” inaccessible or uncomfortable, and want Luke 14:21 Outreach to become a safe place for ALL to find God’s Purpose for their lives.  Consequently, we will address life’s hardest issues and current events from a Biblical perspective, in what we call “Circle of Worship” sessions.  These sessions will be facilitated both online and in person.

We want the opportunity to pray for you.  If you wish to submit a prayer request, please click here.