Luke 14:21 Outreach Circle of Worship

Christopher Olsson knows firsthand how inaccessible many of today’s indoor church gatherings can be when you are experiencing certain physical or mental disabilities.  For example, the light shows that many churches use to attract visitors are hard on individuals with epilepsy.  Even for those who are not experiencing life with physical or mental disabilities, these church gatherings fall short in reaching those who are feeling alone in the world.  With this awareness in mind, Luke 14:21 Outreach is dedicated to “going into the streets” with a concept called “Circle of Worship” to reach all of those who are experiencing physical or mental disabilities, or feeling alone in the world.

Circle of Worship eliminates all of the marketing strategies and all of the planned-out spectacles, and makes worshiping God and loving others as simple as possible.  Our Circle of Worship sessions are simply about coming as we are and sitting with the Holy Spirit in our “circle.”  Instead of setting routine dates for worship, we go when and where God leads us.  Circle of Worship sessions are facilitated at homes, in hotel rooms, on the streets, at group homes, or anywhere else God may lead us to those feeling alone in the world or experiencing physical/mental disabilities.

In an effort to make sure our sessions are as accessible as possible, each of our sessions will be aired through video platforms and/or audio platforms that are aired online (live and recorded).


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12/17/2016: Luke 14:21 Outreach Intro Sermon – “Gospel for All”