I am a Foster Leader

We encourage all former foster youth to participate in the “I am a Foster Leader” campaign.  Those being featured on “I am a Foster Leader” slides must affirm commitment to the Foster Leaders Code of Leadership.

At the time when the concept of Foster Leaders was first being envisioned, the foster care story had traditionally centered around the negative outcomes of foster youth. Even though these outcomes shed light on the inability of a systemized environment to raise our nation’s children and place a reasonable amount of urgency behind becoming a positive influence in the lives of foster youth, they do not come close to telling the entire foster care story. Communicating these outcomes without showcasing the resilience and potential of the foster youth often leaves those from foster care stigmatized. Consequently, foster youth have a less than hopeful perspective about their future and the public has reservations about becoming foster parents, becoming advocates, or adopting out of foster care.

We utilize “I’m a Foster Leader” slides to promote the creativity, resilience, and overall leadership potential of the foster youth community. Each slide showcases a former foster youth and a hobby, talent, or skill they are most proud of, outside of being a foster youth advocate. We have chosen not to feature foster youth advocacy on these slides because we want to feature the variety of talents and skills that exist in the foster youth community, and the variety of communities in which former foster youth are involved outside of foster care.


If you are a Former Foster Youth and Want to Participate in the
“I’m a Foster Leader” Campaign, please submit the following to

– Photo of you by Yourself

– Your First Name

– How Many Years you were in Foster Care

– Your Hobbies, Interests, and Talents

– The following message: “I affirm my commitment to the 6 principles included in the Foster Leaders Code of Leadership, and provide Foster Leaders with permission to create an “I am a Foster Leader” slide from the photo and information provided in this email.  I also give Foster Leaders permission to use my “I am a Foster Leader” slide for all of its efforts to promote the leadership potential of the foster youth community.”


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